Time Wasted on Destiny: A Comprehensive Analysis

‍Destiny 2 is a famous online multiplayer game that has enamored millions of players around the world. With its vivid ongoing interaction and enamoring storyline, it’s no wonder that players put endless hours in the virtual universe of Destiny. Have you at any point wondered how long you and your companions have spent playing Destiny 2? Look no farther than Time Wasted on Destiny, a site intended to assist you with following your interactivity measurements and pursue informed choices while framing fire groups or arranging exercises.

The Leaderboard

The Time Wasted on Destiny leaderboard showcases the top players who have devoted substantial time to the game. With over 3 million registered players, the leaderboard provides an insight into the dedication and commitment of Destiny 2 enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at the top 10 players and their impressive playtimes:

Rank Player Name Time Played
1 PsnglitcherZ537#185131 240h 47m 57s
2 SelectStar#508024 919h 58m 24s
3 sawjack#341823 336h 1m 28s
4 CAM.Tbl.KPblCA#892421 995h 35m 8s
5 echo4nineteen#151021 507h 53m 26s
6 SirH0B0#854121 247h 48m 45s
7 D-2DC97#050920 828h 5m 24s
8 斗鱼8443727丶泽楠#415420 550h 9m 51s
9 GAZMOO1#427219 254h 46m 53s
10 benuggernaut#814719 154h 31m 22s

With these astounding playtimes, it’s evident that Destiny 2 has captured the hearts and hours of its player base.

About Time Wasted on Destiny

Time Wasted on Destiny is a user-friendly website that allows players to track their gameplay statistics for Destiny 2. Whether you want to monitor your own progress or compare your stats with friends, this platform provides valuable insights into your Destiny 2 journey. By simply entering your Bungie name, you can access detailed information about your time played, seasonal ranks, triumph score, and titles obtained.

How to Use Time Wasted on Destiny

Using Time Wasted on Destiny is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps to unlock a wealth of information about your Destiny 2 gameplay:

  1. Type your Bungie name (with or without the #1234 numbers) in the search bar.
  2. Add yourself or your friends to the list to compare time played, activity breakdown, and seasonal ranks.
  3. Remove a player from the list by clicking the close button on their card.
  4. Add a user’s current fireteam to the list by clicking the “Add Fireteam” button, if available.

By utilizing the force of Time Wasted on Destiny, you can acquire significant bits of knowledge into your Destiny 2 experience and improve your interactivity systems.

Valuable Insights and Friendly Competition

Time played, seasonal ranks, and activity history provide valuable insights into a player’s Destiny 2 journey. Analyzing triumph scores, titles obtained, and time spent on deleted characters allows for friendly competition among peers. The leaderboard feature enables players to switch between the global leaderboard and clan leaderboard, fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy rivalry within clans.

Demonstration of Time Wasted on Destiny

Let’s take a closer look at a sample Destiny 2 player, Example#1234, and explore the comprehensive information available on Time Wasted on Destiny:
All Characters: 245h 40m 31s
Only Deleted: 0h
Guardian Rank: Shown
Highest Guardian Rank: Cool clan
Clan Detail: CLAN
Only Active: 245h 40m 31s
Active Triumphs: 2,545
Time AFK (Excluded): 9h 35m 32s
Lifetime Triumphs: 10,502
Wellspring: Attack
Titles: 4
Destiny 1: Not played
Destiny 1 Deleted: -D1 DELETED
Seasons: 1-7 (Legacy ranks), 8 (Undying), 9 (Dawn), 10 (Worthy), 11 (Arrivals)
Activities Breakdown:
Story: 36%
Strikes: 28%
Raids: 14%
Gambit: 10%
Crucible: 12%
Last Activity Duration: 4h 2m 34s


It’s important to note that Time Wasted on Destiny is an independent website and is not affiliated with Bungie, the creator of Destiny 2. Destiny is a registered trademark of Bungie.

Supporters of Time Wasted on Destiny

Time Wasted on Destiny relies on the support of dedicated Guardians like you. If you appreciate the tools provided by Time Wasted on Destiny, such as crimson report and loot report. You can contribute to the development and maintenance of these platforms by supporting the creator on Patreon. Here are some of the top supporters:

  • Tommy Teasdale (Hero Donator)
  • Icicle (Hero Donator)
  • Lee Kaufman (Adept Donator)
  • dreamer__uk (Classic Donator)

The support of these individuals ensures the continued existence and improvement of Time Wasted on Destiny.


Time Wasted on Destiny owes its success to various contributors and organizations:

  • Bungie, for providing the best game API that powers the website’s functionality.
  • Friends and supporters who have tirelessly helped crush bugs and test the website, ensuring a seamless user experience.


Time Wasted on Destiny is a valuable tool for Destiny 2 players who want to gain insights into their gameplay statistics and compare their progress with friends and clan members. Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated Guardian. This website offers a comprehensive overview of your Destiny 2 journey. By leveraging the information provided by Time Wasted on Destiny. You can make informed decisions, plan activities and enhance your overall gaming experience. So, why wait? Dive into the world of Destiny 2 and uncover the secrets of your gameplay statistics with Time Wasted on Destiny.

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