Never Skip a Meal on the Rails

Online food delivery in india is still in its infancy, but Zoop, one of the first IRCTC train food delivery partners, is connecting customers to delicious food and specialties across the city. Over 8 million customers currently use Zoop. The concept will be expanded from March 2020 as promotions end, sales increase and train services cease. The company is a major food supplier, supplying over 1000 plus stations and 10,000 plus trains . We plan to expand. Train the future every day. Zoop is one of the first Indian Railway Food Order partners recognized by IRCTC and authorized to do business in India. Our delivery men have ID cards issued by IRCTC after rigorous verification and all our restaurants are FSSAI certified. Clients can put orders through the site, versatile application or by calling 801 080 2222 straightforwardly.

ZoopIndia is an online food booking service

Following all necessary health procedures and using highly automated technology, Zoop aims to meet the demands of online food ordering services in trains. Planning a long train journey takes time, but Zoop makes it easy to pack so you can rest and sleep during your journey. We endeavor to give new and sterile food to guarantee an elevated degree of administration. Contingent upon your inclinations, you can decide to pay on the web or money down.

In order to guarantee both quality and cleanliness, we pay close attention to the train environment. Food parcels are accept on trains or stations only by authorize staff. Restaurants and stations are listed on the Online Food Delivery In Train page. Select your station, choose your restaurant and order your favorite food. For your convenience, Zoop offers the best online train food booking service at the lowest prices while providing nutritious and high quality meals. 

Enjoy fresh food delivery on the train with Zoop

Train attendants, sights, interesting little stations, busy intersections, traders, food, travelers, sharing stories. Enjoy the ride and wait for it to reach its destination. Never ending are just some of the things you can experience while traveling through the magnificent landscapes of Amazing India! Food is one of the most important factors in long-distance travel because it not only fills us up, but also allows us to pass the time with food and snacks.

One of the major advantages of Indian Railway Food Order services is that you can enjoy your favorite meals and snacks while enjoying freshly cooked hot food from popular restaurants. The food was not the freshest and was not properly stored in the hot climate. Because they are pre-packaged and delivered to trains or stations, they can get damaged accidentally. The zoo offers hygienic food at 150 stations.

All restaurants serving and delivering on the platform have FSSAI approval. And follow the safety instructions. The food you buy with the Zoop app is not only fresh, it’s clean and safe.

After logging in to the app, enter your PNR train number to view the list of Zoop stations. Then choose the restaurant you want to eat at for an authentic dining experience (you can choose a popular chain or a local favorite). Cook food from the region you are traveling to. Location) When the train arrives at the station. Indian Railway Food Order makes sure that Your food  is freshly cooked and delivers hot from the restaurant.

How would I arrange food with IRCTC Zoop eCatering?

Electronic meals allow you to have your food delivered to you on the train without having to get off the train. Or visit the food vendors on the platform. An exciting new way to enjoy your journey from the comfort and convenience of your seat. From breakfast to dinner, electronic meals give you more options than ever before. This will save you time and money and give you more options and variety to customize your dinner. Passengers with valid reservation tickets can book IRCTC meals directly through eCatering. The steps are as follows:

On the main screen of the Zoop app or website, enter your PNR number. The system will initially collect your PNR to validate your reservation when you search by train or station name.

You can also call 8010802222 for assistance. When you select a catering station, the IRCTC eCatering menu opens and displays offers and prices. You can select your favorite dish and get it at your seat. 

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